By: Michael Ganci

The 5 Best Bartolo Colon Moments Caught on Camera


Bartolo Colon is amazing. I think what makes him so great is not only his ability to still pitch effectively over the age of 40, but the way he does it with such pizazz. He’s not the chiseled picture of an athlete we all pictured when we were younger, but Bartolo is very relatable, and he makes every Average Joe feel like he’s similar to them.

As he prepares to duel with Jeremy Hellickson tonight in Philadelphia, I decided to take a look at YouTube and share my five favorite Bartolo Colon moments caught on camera.

5. Bartolo Loses His Helmet

4. Big Bart Shows Off His Wheels

3. Every Celebration Needs a Good Old Fashioned Belly Shake

2. Bartolo Falls Flat on His Face

1. Bartolo Makes the Behind the Back Play

He truly is the most interesting man in the world.

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