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A Complete Guide: Compression Gear for Pitchers, including Noah Syndergaard


The world of sports seemingly returned to normal this season — but for the New York Mets, there seems to still be one minor setback. 28-year-old pitcher Noah Syndergaard is currently on the injured list after experiencing soreness and discomfort in his ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). 

The UCL, which is located on the inner side of the elbow, can often become damaged after prolonged repetitive movements like throwing a ball. In the worst cases, athletes might tear their UCL entirely, which requires reconstructive surgery to fix. This surgery, called “Tommy John” surgery after the first pro baseball player to receive it, has been necessary for many pitchers over the years — including Syndergaard. 

Tommy John surgery may be an occupational hazard for pitchers, but that doesn’t mean pitchers can’t do anything to help their own recovery. Compression garments can support an athlete’s arm while they heal — and even prevent future injury too. For someone struggling with arm injuries, here are just a few of the products we’d recommend.

Compression Arm Sleeve

Compression garments are great support tools for athletes. They can relieve soreness, prevent overexertion, and improve recovery time. This is particularly important for baseball pitchers, where there’s repeated strain on their elbows, shoulders, and hands with each pitch.

For Syndergaard’s injury, the simplest support is a standard compression arm sleeve. This compression sleeve covers the whole arm, providing consistent pressure on every muscle. This protects and relieves pain while the UCL heals.

Compression Arm Sleeve Gauntlet Combination

Like the arm sleeve, a compression arm sleeve gauntlet combination provides full-arm support. However, it goes a step forward and provides wrist support too!

For a UCL injury like Syndergaard’s, it wouldn’t help any more than an arm sleeve would. However, for strain on muscles throughout the arm and the wrist, the gauntlet component on the arm sleeve is the perfect addition. It does restrict movement more than just an arm sleeve or a compression gauntlet might, but, for someone recovering from an injury, that helps the healing process too.

Elbow Support Pad

Some athletes may not want to wear a full compression garment. As athletes get back into practice after an injury, they need compression garments that don’t change the natural “feel” of the motions. 

Thankfully, there are garments that do just that! An elbow support pad can give your elbow additional support without limiting your movements. The protector reduces pressure on the joint so you can comfortably bend your arm without risk of overexertion — perfect for athletes who like to play hard!

Compression Shoulder Support

While Noah Synergaard is currently suffering from an elbow injury, that’s not the only damage he risks as a pitcher. Many professional baseball players also suffer from injuries in their shoulders after years of playing. Thankfully, they can also relieve these injuries with the right compression garments. 

A compression shoulder support puts moderate pressure on the shoulder, giving you the support you need while still granting enough flexibility to play. Some shoulder supports even come with built-in recovery features, like a pocket for applying a hot or cold pack after a game.

Syndergaard’s Recovery

UCL surgeries tend to take six weeks to fully recover from. Much to the disappointment of Mets fans, Syndergaard’s will likely take that long as well. Compression garments provide pressure on strained and injured muscles, which can relieve pain and aid recovery. That’s why pitchers like Syndergaard benefit from compression sleeves like arm sleeves, elbow support pads, and shoulder support sleeves. Using compression gear isn’t just for chronic pain; it’s a fast and convenient way to get pitchers back in the game!

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