By: Michael Ganci

Analyzing Craig Kimbrel Mets trade options


While scrolling my Google alerts this morning, an article crossed my screen from Brandon Younan of South Side Showdown. He decided to explore three different possibilities regarding a trade with the Mets for Craig Kimbrel, who the White Sox are no doubt going to trade, especially after the White Sox already added Kendall Graveman to go along with Liam Hendriks and Garrett Crochet. 

Here are the three ideas: 

Mets trade Ronny Mauricio for Craig Kimbrel

Younan argues that the Mets could be tempted by the White Sox offering to pay down some of Kimbrel’s contract. After seeing past dealings during the Wilpon era, I wouldn’t think that’s ridiculous, but Wilpon is no longer in charge, and Uncle Stevie Cohen is now at the helm. The Mets have made it a point to stress that they plan to keep their top prospects, and unless a franchise-altering superstar is coming back, the Mets would not be smart to engage in this scenario. Maybe they can learn something from the Jarred Kelenic trade? Thanks BVW. 

Mets trade Nick Plummer and Carlos Cortes for Craig Kimbrel

This one doesn’t seem super likely, especially since the Mets just signed Plumber to a major league deal. Sure, he’s shown a propensity for getting on base in the minors, but he hasn’t proven anything on the big stage. Frankly, I don’t think this is enough to get it done on the Mets’ side. I’d think they’d have to add a pitcher, maybe towards the bottom of their top 30 prospects, to get it done. This one, with a little tweaking is more realistic, but probably still unlikely.

Mets trade Josh Walker, Thomas Szapucki and Eric Orze for Craig Kimbrel

This is one that makes the most sense to me. All three of these guys are in the bottom half of the Mets’ top 30 prospects, and for a guy like Kimbrel that can be a lock-down eighth inning presence, that might be too good to pass up. Szapucki might have a tough time with medicals at this point though, since he’s coming off season-ending ulnar nerve transposition surgery.

Are you interested in the Mets acquiring Craig Kimbrel? If so, what would you give up?

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