By: Michael Ganci

As Mets Fans Anxiously Wait, Tug McGraw Reminds Us “We Gotta Believe!”


First of all, I am a mess. I have bitten my nails and cuticles raw and I am shaking while sitting at work wondering what the fate of the Amazins’ is going to be around midnight eastern time, but this is what it’s all about.

I watched yesterday a little more calm, as dramatic scenes unfolded in Toronto and Kansas City. Whether it was Jose Bautista’s bat flip or Johnny Cueto’s hair, things were crazy, and pandemonium was running wild. We should expect nothing less in Los Angeles in deGrom versus Greinke tonight.

I am surprised I’ve been able to get some work done. All I can think about is the game. I listened to a bit of sports radio, and all they’re talking about is the Mets, with a little bit of football sprinkled in. Will Jacob deGrom pull out his super man cape once again, or will Zack Greinke reign supreme. While we’re confident in the hair to the throne, you never know what could happen in baseball on any given day.

I am trying to look for positive signs, and two glare out to me today. First, Gary Cederstrom. The home plate umpire has officiated both guys before. Jacob deGrom is 1-1, while Greinke is 0-2 with an ERA north of 7. then, I was driving to Sports Deli in Holtsville to pick up my sandwich (Dodger Stadium, which I stuck a fork in), and I saw a truck. “Rizzo Landscaping,” it read. I hope that means Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is waiting for the Mets in the NLCS.

I will be with my father, uncle and cousin in Brooklyn tonight, and I am worried beyond belief. Sure, if things don’t pan out our way, I will be sad and disappointed, but these nerves and feelings are what us Mets’ fans have been dying for since 2006. Whether it ends in ecstasy or heartbreak, this is what serious October baseball is all about.

Remember what Tug McGraw said, “You Gotta Believe!”

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