By: Michael Ganci

I Believe in Second Chances


First and foremost, do not take this to mean that I endorse anything that Jose Reyes did in terms of the domestic incident with his wife. It’s terrible, and he deserved to be punished, and thankfully, she wasn’t hurt worse.

I felt this way with Michael Vick and I am a dog owner. I believe in paying the price and then getting a second chance. I am not an extremely religious person, but isn’t a core value of catholicism forgiveness? While Vick’s punishment was jail time, Reyes was hit with a suspension by MLB. Now, after he’s officially a free agent, there’s talk of him coming back to the Mets, where he obviously saw most of his successes.

Do I want him here? Yes, and here’s why. He can help the team. I don’t think he’s the same guy that won a Division Title with David Wright, but he can still be useful. With guys like Matt Reynolds and Ty Kelly holding spots on the 25-man roster, adding Reyes would allow Wilmer Flores to go back to being a super-sub. He also possesses a key element that the Mets are lacking in…speed. Despite how fast he is, Reyes has never been an amazing baserunner. Sure, he’s piled up steals, but his intuition on the bases is average at best, but for the Major League minimum, what do we have to lose?

I know this would be a big-time media frenzy if he returns, but how did that work out with Aroldis Chapman? Not only did the Yankees sign him, but they’re likely going to fetch a big return package when half of MLB tries to trade for him at the deadline. Now, Chapman is a rocketballing pitcher who’s young, so it’s not super comparable, but you get my point.

David Wright is going to be gone a long time, and Kelly Johnson isn’t going to be able to fill that void. Adding Reyes doesn’t remove the chances of a more impactful trade, but if he makes them better, even as a piece off the bench, why not give him a shot?

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