By: Michael Ganci

Brandon Nimmo Can Give the Mets the Spark They Need


We’ve come off of one of the ugliest stretches in recent memory, and yet, the Mets are far from dead. Sure it’s the beginning of May, but the Mets aren’t that bad – as the odds would suggest in this MLB tracker for World Series Odds. They just need a little bit of a chance. They need a spark, and there’s one man who can give it to them.

Brandon Nimmo.

In limited action, Nimmo’s been nothing short of sensational this season. While these numbers would surely be unsustainable with larger exposure, Nimmo is batting .294 with an amazing .478 OBP. While he’s had just 34-at bats, that’s higher than Bryce Harper. That catches your attention.

Another thing that’s for sure…Nimmo is an old-fashioned blue collar hustler. Hell, even when he gets hit by a pitch or walks (especially as evidenced by yesterday), He will never be accused of being a lazy player, but while he’s not the fastest of strongest, he’s certainly easy to root for.

Mickey’s already said he’ll be in the lineup tonight, and I hope that means Jay Bruce at first. This lineup desperately needs a jolt, and Nimmo could just be that guy to give it to them.

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