By: Michael Ganci

Bryce Harper: Mets Are The Team to Beat in NL East


It’s not everyday that your most hated adversary is giving you compliments, and Bryce Harper is not usually afraid to stir the pot.

He used flattery as a description of the 2016 New York Mets though, according to an article by ESPN’s Adam Rubin. Below is the quote:

“We’re definitely looking forward to the challenge. The team to beat are the Mets. That’s what it is right now. They kicked the crap out of our division last year, and hopefully we’re going to come in this year and do what we can to knock them off, or anybody else off in all of baseball.”

Who knows what Harper’s angle is here? I’m not sure. He might be the best player in baseball (along with Mike Trout), and he’s poised to have another huge year. As long as he’s on the Nationals, they’re sure to be in the conversation.

For more, check out Rubin’s article by clicking here.

Here’s my favorite video of Harper in regards to his relationship with the Mets:

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