By: Michael Ganci

Bullpen Fix Should be Mets’ Top Priority


This is the time of year where we all wonder what it would be like to be treated like a large market team like the crosstown Yankees are. But as is the annual case, rather than opening their wallets and doing whatever it takes, the penny-pinching Wilpons are looking at cost-effective measures to right the Mets’ ship that sunk to the bottom of the metaphorical ocean in 2017. Speaking of costs, here are the betting lines for the next Mets’ season.

This team has plenty of question marks, including catcher, second base, first base and third base, and there is a need in the starting rotation as well. That’s accentuated by the fact that seemingly every one of the Mets’ young arms is coming off of injury. We’ve already heard that the Mets may be instilling some sort of plan that removes the starting pitcher after two turns through the lineup, but in order for that plan to be a success, the Mets need an excellent bullpen that could get the job done.

We cringe at the idea of guys like Hansel Robles getting meaningful innings late in the game, because the only value Robles provides is of the entertaining variety when he points to outer space when the opposing sluggers hit a ball to Timbuktu.

At this point, I think there’s three definites. Jeurys Familia, who was suspended last year and dealt with a blood clot, A.J. Ramos, who was surprisingly acquired in a deadline deal with the Miami Marlins, and Jerry Blevins, who we need to remind you was acquired straight up for Matt Den Dekker. Thanks, Nationals.

Other than that, your guess is as good as mine, but a guy I would focus on if I were the Mets is Brian Shaw. Not only does he have familiarity with new Mets’ skipper Mark Calloway, he’s the epitome of consistency, which is a very important attribute to have. I expect the Mets to fill the room with minor-league deal types as per usual, but opening their wallets for two or even three guys would be advisable.

Especially if you’re counting on this bullpen to sometimes get 9-12 outs, you need to have multiple guys who can get you there. I wonder if the Mets try to convert a starter into a long reliever for this. Maybe someone like Wily Peralta or Bartolo Colon? I guess time will tell.

Who would you sign for the Mets’ bullpen? Tell us in the comments section below.

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