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Burkhardt: David Wright Expects to Contribute


Earlier this year, the Daily Stache debuted a series called #9innings, which you can access by clicking here. It’s a series of questions and answers in which we talk to some people with a little more access to the Mets to get a closer feel on the pulse of the team.

Today’s guest is an old friend, Kevin Burkhardt. His answers are a great read and you can see them below.

Daily Stache: What do you make of the season the Mets have had thus far? Who’s surprised you?

Kevin Burkhardt: The season has obviously turned around on the dime in the last week, which has been incredible to watch. I’m just happy that they are in the mix late summer. It’s been since 08 that games mattered into August as they do now, and the fans and players deserve it. As far as a surprise, I’ll give you a wild card- Hansel Robles. I think most guys are performing like I would have thought, but this kid has really impressed me out of the pen, even though he’s been erratic at times.

Was the Carlos Gomez trade falling apart a blessing in disguise since it inevitably led to their getting Yoenis Cespedes?

I’m not sure it was a blessing. Gomez is a damn good player and would’ve helped immensely, but I do think Cespedes is a power threat they needed. Give credit to the front office for realizing they have a chance here and actually really improving their team. The one thing that came out of this was that they kept Wheeler, which I think is huge.

What about the minor moves the Mets have made? What do you think of the Uribe, Johnson, Clippard and now O’Flaherty acquisitions?

It’s a bit ironic that Justin Turner basically shoved Juan Uribe out of LA, and now the Mets have Uribe. I have to say that I really like everything they have done. Mets are a lot deeper than they were, and their bench, which was a big weak spot, is now solid. Clippard was a huge move- stunned the Nationals didn’t try to get him back.

Who’s built better for the stretch run, the Mets or Nationals? What do you think of Jayson Werth’s comments about the division to be theirs for the taking?

Jayson Werth is just trying to send a message to his team, he knows what he is doing and that’s all that comment is about. Nationals have never played up to their expectations this year other than a couple of stretches, and they need someone other than Bryce Harper to carry them for a bit. I think the two teams are really close, but right now the Mets pitching is better and it gives them an ultra slight edge. Lets see how Strasburg pitches when he returns…

Do you expect anything out of David Wright? He’s set to embark on a rehab assignment, but can he provide even more help in the lineup?

All I can tell you about David Wright, is that if he can possibly play, he will. Talked with him not too long ago and he seemed pretty optimistic so I’ll take that as he expects to contribute. If he can play, he helps immensely

Has Jenrry Mejia thrown his last pitch as a Met? What does his future hold?

He’s done. Love Jenrry as a person, but he killed his career with the latest suspension.

Who’s the Mets’ team MVP to this point of the season? Who’s their LVP?

Team MVP is Jacob deGrom. I’m not calling it LVP, but I’ve been disappointed in Lagares season (and yes, I know he is hurt).

What do you think of the job Terry Collins has done? What about Dan Warthen and Kevin Long?

I’ve always thought Terry does a nice job- I think he’s a better in game manager than people give him credit for. Pitchers love Dan, and I think he finds a way to interact uniquely with each pitcher and that’s a great thing. Don’t know Kevin Long and haven’t asked anyone about him, so can’t answer that.

Lastly, finish this sentence. By the end of the regular season, the Mets will be…

In the playoffs.

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