By: Michael Ganci

Can Michael Conforto possibly return to the Mets?


Obviously, this is all hypothetical, but I was thinking if there was a scenario where Michael Conforto could return to the Mets, and I think the answer is yes, although it’s rather unlikely.

Conforto, a free agent, is coming off of a rather disappointing season that saw him hit .232 with only 14 homers and 55 RBI. He still got on base at a .344 clip in 125 games, which is impressive considering the other stats.

The obvious question is, “where would he play?” The Mets have already added free agents Mark Canha and Starling Marte (both from Oakland), and Brandon Nimmo is slated to take over right field. The Mets have Alonso, McNeil, Lindor and Escobar in the infield, with Robinson Cano, Dominic Smith and J.D. Davis currently serving as backups.

Once again, where does Conforto fit? He fits if the designated hitter comes to the National League, which seems likely once the labor dispute is settled.

I know what you’re thinking…Smith, Davis and Cano are ideal DH candidates, but if the Mets bring back Conforto, they could put Nimmo in left field and keep Conforto in right. Canha would become the DH. Davis and Cano could be subs and get a ton of important at-bats.

These depth issues usually solve themselves, but you’d have to think once of Davis/Smith/McNeil might be moved for pitching. Oh yeah, there’s also Kris Bryant sitting out there, and the Mets love him too.

But if that plan fails, remember old reliable…Michael Conforto.

Unlikely, but not impossible.

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