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Cerrone: If Healthy, Mets Have Enough Offense for a Winning Streak


MetsBlog’s creator Matthew Cerrone, who’s also the Director of Digital Media for SNY, took some time out of his schedule to answer some questions on the state of the Mets and the team’s outlook moving forward.

How would you describe the season to this point?

It’s been like a very talented runner try win a marathon with an eye-patch on and his hands tied behind his back, while wearing two different shoes.

Who’s been the biggest surprise for the Mets in a good way?

Addison Reed, who is having a career year.

What about in a bad way?

I’d say Matt Harvey, but it’s hard to put him in this category because his struggle was due to a really difficult injury. So, I guess I’d say Curtis Granderson. This is also kind of unfair, since there was almost no chance he repeated his 2015 season. However, he needed to be better this season, and he hasn’t been.

Despite lackluster play, the Mets are one small run out of a playoff spot. Do you think they could still turn this season around and make some noise in October?

I do. They’ve actually been very unlucky as a team. And, unlike at points last season, this year they actually have good baseball players. They’re just not doing what they do well. For instance, if Asdrubal Cebrara returns to play well, if Granderson starts hitting doubles, if Neil Walker stays hot, if Cespedes gets back healthy, with Jay Bruce, that is more than enough offense to string together a winning streak. It’s all realistic. Whether it happens, who knows….

Which one player are you looking for to step up and take his game to another level to help this team?

I’m not. I just want them all to play to their potential. That’s it. They don’t need a hero. They need guys to simply reliever their career average. It’s not asking a lot.

Daniel Murphy is having an MVP-caliber season for the Nationals. Did the Mets make the right decision in letting him go?

It’s a weird move now knowing Dilson Herrera would be traded. In a world where Herrera is still here, letting Murphy go makes sense. In this world, with Herrera gone, and with David Wright out again, it would have been nice to have Murphy still in the mix. I think they made the right move, it just all hasn’t panned out the way I imagine they hoped it would.

What do you make of Jose Reyes? Does he make the team better?

If he’s getting on base, yes. If he isn’t, no. It’s that simple.

If the Mets miss the playoffs, does Terry Collins lose his job or does he get one more chance due to the rash of injuries?

I think TC is back, assuming the Mets stay in the playoff race deep in to September. This is not to say he should stay, because I think there’s more than enough reasons to make a change. But, if the Mets keep in contention, I don’t expect this Front Office and ownership to let him go. However, if they fail to get to October, and struggle early next season, I think he’ll be gone.

If you had to guess, who’s next year’s opening day second-baseman?

Jose Reyes.

Finish this sentence: At the end of the regular season, the Mets will be…

Talking A LOT about how injuries ruined their season, and how next season will be different.

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