By: Michael Ganci

Chris Carlin: If Mets Stay Healthy, They’ll Be World Champs


Have you ever seen anything like this pitching staff? Despite the lack of big thumpers, can the Mets sustain last year’s pace?

With Cespedes now, they can. The pitching staff is exceptionally deep. There have been some great ones, but there is little to no question that the potential is there for this group to be special for a long time.

With all of their off season moves, do you consider the Mets to be the NL East favorite? Does Daniel Murphy put the Nationals over the top?

The Mets are not only the division favorites now, I believe they are the NL favorites. With the return of Cespedes, coupled with the added depth and Antonio Bastardo added to the pen, they’re now better today than they were when the World Series ended.

Eventually the Mets will need to give these pitchers the paydays they deserve. Who’s the most likely to be a lifetime Met? Who’s the most likely to be traded one day?

I think deGrom and Syndergaard are the most likely to be Mets for life. Will they be? Their prices are going up by the day, but the good news is that’s not going to matter for quite some time. I think Matt Harvey is the most likely to be traded. I’m a little down on Matt after 2015, with the drama he needlessly supplied. Considering who his agent is, I wouldn’t rule out a trade with Matt in the next 2 years.

David Wright has chronic issues, but the Mets need to find ways to keep him fresh. Does that make Wilmer Flores extra valuable? Do you think David can last a full season?

It helps immensely. If he can help David get to 130-135 games, he’s well worth it. Plus, you now have a semi-proven bat to add to your bench.

Defense was a big issue for the Mets in the World Series, and they arguably haven’t improved a ton, other than Neil Walker replacing Daniel Murphy. What do you make of their defense?

I think it’s OK, more than serviceable. What the Royals did – was put constant pressure on the defense. They have to improve in that area: Make the plays in the pressurized situations.

What is this team missing? Do you see more moves on the horizon or will we have to wait until in-season?

Honestly, not much, now that Cespedes has returned. They’re deeper than they have been in years. Maybe a little more bullpen help, maybe a better situation at backup catcher. But they’re in very good shape tight now.

Mike Piazza was finally elected to the Hall of Fame? Do you agree with his inclusion? What took so long?

In a word, suspicion. That’s what kept him out for a few years, and it was unfair. There was no actual proof of PED use, so I personally think it was wrong to keep him out. But he’s in now, exactly how he should be, and now getting his number retired. The timing for it all is right.

When I use the term “Met Killer,” who’s the first guy you think of? Why?

It begins and ends with Chipper. When you have those kind of numbers against a team, it’s hard to consider you anything else. I also think Freddie Freeman is the new Chipper. He’s the current leading Met killer. (By the way, Chipper’s numbers lifetime against the Phillies are EVEN BETTER than they were against the Mets. Think about that.)

Finish this sentence. At the end of 2016, the Mets will be…

I’ll be the first to say it. IF, and I mean IF, they stay healthy, they will be World Champions.

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