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David Shows Why He’s The Captain


So here I was sitting in my apartment earlier wondering what to write for the Daily Stache this week.

It’s been a week since my last post and I was starting to get itchy to talk some Mets again with you fine good looking people. Truthfully I had nothing. But then I turn on SNY and they’re talking about David Wright scolding Noah Syndergaard for not watching the Intrasquad game today. Cue the choir of angels. Thank you David for giving me something to write. Saved me from analyzing something else. I’ll bring that up at the end. (ooh mysterious.)

David finished his time in the intrasquad game this afternoon and went to the showers. He saw Noah “Thor” Syndergaard in the locker room having lunch. Syndergaard wasn’t a part of the game and had been doing side work while the game was going on. He finished his work then decided to go get some food. David evidently didn’t like him eating while the vets were working.

David went to Noah and had a short, quiet but intense talk with him. Evidently the word bench came up at least twice according to people who were around and heard the short lecture. Marc Carig of Newsday reported that Bobby Parnell took the plate of food and threw it in the garbage.

Afterwards Syndergaard went to the dugout and watched the remainder of the game. He was contrite about it and seemed to understand that he’d made a mistake.

I LOVE THIS! This is great. And this is why David is the captain of the Mets. He’s always been a leader by example but here’s the first instance (that I’ve heard) of David being this type of leader. He doesn’t hold his tongue when he sees something he doesn’t like and I love it.

I remember a game a few years ago, Mike Pelfrey was on the mound and wasn’t be all that effective. I know shocker of shockers. I remember Wright going to the mound from third and had a talk with him. It wasn’t demonstrative besides him putting his hand on Pelf’s shoulder. Afterwards, Pelfrey wasn’t Gooden levels of good but he did pitch better. I can’t remember if they won or lost. But I remember thinking that it was the moment David Wright went from great player to a leader on the team. At least in my mind.

I don’t think Noah did it on purpose. He didn’t know he should have been on the bench. He’s a rookie. He needs guys like Parnell and Wright showing him what it means to be a major leaguer. And I can guarantee you that he will never do something like this again. He might even become an example to younger guys when he becomes an established vet.

I also love the image of Bobby Parnell taking the food and throwing it in the trash. Wright gave the intense lecture and Parnell gave the exclamation point. Personally I wouldn’t want Parnell looking at me with intense disappointment. Between his size and that beard he looks like a guy who you should not screw with. Between this and him stating that he was the closer makes me love this guy more and more.

So thank you David and Bobby for giving me something to write about. Thank you David for being a captain when it counts. And most of all thank you for keeping me from writing about the other big news of spring training:

How the hell is possible for Chris Young to strike out….AGAINST A PITCHING MACHINE?

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