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David Wright Will Be Just Fine for the Mets


Now this post may be just a bit biased simply because David Wright is my all time favorite Met to put on the blue and orange.

Ever since he made his debut with the Amazin’s in 2004 (I was 8 years old) until now, watching Wright develop over my childhood has been quite fun to watch. I still remember to this day his first MLB hit which came against the Expos on July 24, 2004.

Last season, well i’m not going to sugar coat it, but Wright did not have his best season. In fact, he had his worst OBP and SLG in his 11-year career. With that being said, Mets fan are bad mouthing Wright and saying he will never be the same. Because of one bad year (with a bad shoulder for most of the season) people think his career is over and will not be able to hit again.

I now just laugh at the haters who say ridiculous stuff like this. Another point I would like to make is even though he had an off season, Wright still hit .269 with 144 hits. Definitely not his best but people are acting like he hit below the Mendoza Line.

With a healthy shoulder and knowing the Mets can be something special in 2015, Wright will return to his normal self. The captain signed an 8-year deal and his love for New York is great. Wright definitely deserves that World Series ring for everything he has done for the franchise. Now I am certainly not saying Wright is going to be this superstar for the rest of his career, but he sure has a few more “all-star” years left in him. My projection for Wright this year is to hit .285 with 18 Home Runs and 83 RBI’s. Moving the right center field fence in will benefit him.

C’mon captain. I am backing you up so do me a favor and back me up with a hell of a season!

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