By: Michael Ganci

Dear Mr. Met: Stop Being Awkward


When I perused around Twitter a couple of days ago, I saw something that caught my eye.

Mr. Met is known mostly for being a solo act, although in recent time, Mrs. Met has been making some appearances. What many people don’t know is that Mr. Met is on Twitter. The other day, while trying to make a hashtag trend, the big-headed mascot went a little bit off course in terms of normal Tweeting.

Remember, this is the kid-friendly, fun-loving, cool mascot that we’re all supposed to know and love. But, let’s be honest, he got weird on Twitter. See below.

Okay, I can live with that one, not bad. But watch as it gets progressively worse.

Because that’s a common question for a first date right? The third and final installment of his #FiveWordstoRuinADate campaign, Mr. Met posted the weirdest of them all. Interpret as you’d like.

I know, maybe my mind’s in the gutter, but that’s just awkward. For the record, as seen in the Tweet above, Mr. Met has eight fingers, which shouldn’t be a big deal since pinkies don’t serve much of a purpose anyway.

There was a time when Mr. Met was cool and hip, and clearly, something’s changed. See below for a cool clip of Mr. Met showing Josh Hamilton who’s boss. The video also features the late Stuart Scott, one of the best to grace sports television.

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