By: Michael Ganci

Fake Umpires Raise Money for Charity During Mets Game


While I watched yesterday’s Mets game, the on-field heroics wasn’t what got most of my attention.

If I am being honest, I was truly entertained as by a pair of men sitting in the front row pretending to be umpires. They didn’t miss a call, as they mimicked ball, strike and out calls, and even mimicked the motion of throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

It seemed as if it was a couple of jokers just having a good time, which would’ve been well and good, but the two men had a better purpose, and that was to raise money for charity, according to SI’s Extra Mustard.

From Extra Mustard:

While the charade was intended as some harmless fun, two men who first began attending games in ump costumes in 2008 felt like their idea had been infringed upon, so they decided to dust off their blues and bring the original faux umpire show back, while also raising money for charity.“The Real ‘Fake’ Umpires” set out to raise $5,000 for Umps Care, the official charity of MLB umpires, in conjunction with their appearance at Sunday night’s Nationals-Mets game.

More From Their Campaign Site:

Please help us in this endeavor by supporting UMPS CARE Charities (the official charity of the MLB umpires) and the wonderful children’s programs they undertake. As always, the Fake Umpires will pay their own expenses to make this FINAL game happen and to guarantee that UMPS CARE receives 100% of the money raised through this charitable effort.

Unfortunately, it seems like they will be going into retirement. It’d be nice to see one of them replace Angel Hernandez.

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