By: Michael McDonald

How Do You Feel About Mickey Callaway Hire?


So… I’m guessing you are just as perplexed about this hiring as me? Mickey who? Where did this come from?

Why get rid of a manager who took us to the World Series two years ago for someone who has NO managerial experience? Why didn’t management sign Terry Collins for one more year and give him another shot at getting us back in the playoffs? Why not see what happens to Joe Girardi and some of the coaches of this year’s World Series teams before picking our own manager? What was the rush? Were we afraid that this unproven manager would go some place else? Isn’t it managements job to search harder for our next manager? How could Alderson “just know” he was the guy? He says the team needed a leader. What was Terry Collins? Did he not “lead” us to a World Series?

Last time I checked the New York Mets are a major market team. Don’t top notch managers want to come to New York and manage the Mets? If not, then management is doing something wrong. If Alderson would let his managers manage without interference the job would become more desirable.

This should be Alderson’s last managerial move and most fans feel he’s been given one too many. I’m curious to know what your thoughts are? re you happy, upset, or confused like me about this hire?

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