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Finally: Ike Davis Demoted, Satin Returns


The day has finally come in which the Mets used their brains and sent Ike Davis to Triple-A, and he was not alone.

Left handed reliever Robert Carson and Queens Native outfielder Mike Baxter have been given a free trip to Las Vegas, while the Mets are expected to recall lefty Josh Edgin, outfielder Colin Cowgill and first baseman Josh Satin.

Well at least we have guys with cooler names for headline names to uses.

In terms of Satin, I am intrigued by getting a real look at him. I don’t think, in the long run, he’s looked at like more than a utility player, but at 28 years old, it’s not too late to make a statement. While Ike Davis battles through his season-long slump, this is just the opportunity a player needs to make a statement, and this could be his time.

He was definitely holding his own at the Triple-A level, batting .305 with nine homers and 32 RBI. He’ll definitely get the most at-bats at first base while Ike Davis tries to reinvent himself.

As for Edgin, he was solid down the stretch last year, but you have to hope he’s figured it out since his last stint in Queens. I remember thinking that he’d do nothing but put fuel on the fire, and that was often the case. A 9.64 ERA is nothing to celebrate. It’d be nearly impossible for this go-around to be much worse. Let’s pray for him to be better, or else Scott Rice’s arm may indeed fall off.

Lastly, Cowgill didn’t show much smarts at the plate last time he was here, swinging every time a pitch was within three feet of the plate. The results weren’t good, as he hit just .157 last time he was here, which is only seven points lower than Ike Davis.

The bottom line? It’s time for a change. The fans want to see something different, and this is certainly a start. Once Zack Wheeler is here, and with the way Harvey has pitched, we may actually have something to watch.

As for Ike Davis, I don’t think he’s going to be down too long. The Mets still see him as the answer at first base, but he needs to grow up and make changes, or else he’ll be a thought of the past.

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