By: Michael Ganci

Former Arch Nemesis Chipper Jones Picks Mets to Win World Series


While appearing on ESPN Radio with Stephen A. Smith on Wednesday afternoon, Smith pushed Chipper Jones into picking his favorite teams. He names the Mets, Indians, Nationals and Cubs as some of his favorites.

Chipper, who’s promoting his new book, was forced into picking one team to get to the promise land, and surprisingly, the man we all used to yell “Larry!” at picked our boys in orange and blue to go all the way. He stressed that they have five starters who can throw 95-plus, but health will decide how far they can go.

This comes a short time after former Met Dwight Gooden said the Mets were going to win it all as well.

“As much as I hated them when I played, I love that rotation man,” Chipper said. “They can be that good.”

What’s the phrase? Pitching wins championships? Well, even if he once was our arch nemesis, let’s hope Chipper Jones is right.

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