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Four Steps to 2020 Success for the Mets


2019 was not the best season in Mets history, a fact to which even the most casual fan will attest. The team failed to capitalize on its occasional winning streak to build a viable chance for a postseason appearance. This, along with disappointing performances against heavy hitters like the Braves, mean that 2019 will go down in Mets history as a season to forget.

The good news is that the future is wide open. The Mets still have plenty of raw potential, even in their current lineup. The question is how to tweak the team so that it performs like a well-oiled machine the next time around.

With that in mind, here’s a look at four must-do tasks awaiting players and management during the upcoming offseason.

First Step: Make a Decision about Mickey Callaway

Callaway’s prospects look especially dim here in early October, and with good reason. He failed to lead the team to the postseason after narrowly avoiding the ax back during the summer.

Right now Callaway appears to be in limbo as higher-ups decide his fate. If he goes, the Mets must choose whether to go with an experienced manager as replacement or roll the dice and choose a newcomer. Both options have their merits. Choosing a veteran is the common-sense move that gives the team the benefit of experience. On the other hand, a newbie may bring a much-needed fresh perspective. Take Rocco Baldelli’s performance with the Twins, for example.

Whichever direction the Mets choose, the onus is upon them to do it with haste. Otherwise they risk leaving both the fans and themselves sitting in suspense for far too long.

Second Step: Fix the Freakin’ Bullpen

We’re talking primarily about Diaz, who, like an expensive Italian roadster, either runs great or not at all. The smart money says to hold on to him and mend his erratic ways, which will require a lot of offseason work. Still, it’s an investment that could pay off handsomely in 2020.

The number of players under contract means that a complete overhaul of the lineup is a non-starter. Bottom line: look for both Diaz and Familia to undergo serious retooling during the winter.

Third Step: Plug the Holes at Third Base

Should the Mets stick with JD Davis, or look elsewhere for a talented third baseman? Jeff McNeil is way too good at outfield to shift him around. As for choosing a free agent, it doesn’t seem to be on the cards – or in the budget.

Our best guess is that the Mets will rotate between Davis, Lowrie, and McNeil in 2020. In the meantime, each player can look forward to a heated training regimen in the cold months ahead.

Fourth Step: Keep the Top Talent

Holding on to Noah Syndergaard is essential. Uber-talented 20-somethings are worth their weight in diamonds, especially in a sport known for the longevity of its players.

As for Wheeler, he’s almost certainly going bye-bye. Nothing else makes sense when you look at it from his perspective.

This leaves the team with a mix of superstars and middling players, which could lead to wildly uneven results next season. Hopefully, management will have the budget and the horse sense needed to make some shrewd acquisitions before opening day 2020.

The Bottom Line

The biggest obstacle for the team’s 2020 prospects could be its budget. The Mets are toting a hefty payroll as it is, simply by fulfilling their existing contractual obligations. It might be possible to eke out some spending cash by trading a player or two, but that would leave them scrambling to find suitable replacements.

The Last Word

What awaits fans in the new year? Ultimately, only time will tell. In the meantime, Mets fans will be able to track the progress of their favorite team with ease, as sites like Fox Bet become fully integrated into the sporting world.

2019 was not a shining moment in Mets history – that’s the simple truth of the matter – but one lackluster season is no reason to take our eyes off the ball. Here’s looking forward to a bright spring in 2020.

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