By: Michael Ganci

Hey Mets: Talk is Cheap


As I listen to many members of the Mets management, coaching and players talk about their playoff aspirations, I can’t help think about Rex Ryan, who often made promises that his team couldn’t keep.

Now, Rex finds himself in a new home and Terry Collins could see the same fate if the Mets don’t make some serious strides this season. I think a lot of pressure is being put on both David Wright, who many are expecting to return to 2008 form, and Kevin Long, who many think has the secret to fix many hitters that others don’t.

The bottom line? Wright isn’t going to be the player he was in 2008.I am pretty sure of that, but if he is the player he was in 2013, the Mets could be in business. We need him to be clutch and focus on going the other way like he did earlier in his career. Remember, his at-bats used to begin with two strikes, and he was a very tough out that often worked long at-bats. That’s not quite the case the past couple of seasons.

As for Long, he could go through all the film and share all the wisdom he has in his head, but he doesn’t hit the ball. The players who need to make adjustments, and there are plenty, need to take it upon themselves to put in the work. Just because he’ll be sitting on the bench doesn’t necessarily mean that Curtis Granderson’s average will shoot up 20 points.

Between the teams I root for (Mets, Jets, Knicks and Rangers), other than the Rangers Stanley Cup run last year, I am tired of empty promises. If you believe it, then do it. As they say, put up or shut up.

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