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Heyman: Mets Tried to Lure Cano from Yankees


A few days ago, Jon Heyman wrote a piece for CBS sports about the futures of Matt Harvey and Yoenis Cespedes, something that’s been in the forefront of the Mets conversation for quite some time now.

In light of the upcoming Subway Series, in which both the Mets and the Yankees are jockeying for potential playoff position, this could be the most meaningful three-game regular season showdown since the Subway Series became reality. Heyman, while writing about the Mets and Cespedes and Harvey, spoke about how the Mets made a serious attempt to lure Robinson Cano to Queens before he and Roc Nation opted to take their talents to Seattle.

Here’s the excerpt:

Two years ago the Mets’ efforts to lure Robinson Cano across town were much more serious than ever portrayed, and if the Mariners hadn’t blown folks away with their $240-million, 10-year bid, the Mets may have had a shot to outbid the Yankees, who were at $175 million. So they do have the dough.

Wait, what? We never heard even as much as a rumbling that the Mets were interested, but this fact in itself shows that the Mets do have the potential to reach deep into their pockets when the situation calls for it. Such will be the case in the off-season when it comes time to talk to Cespedes, but the Mets have more imminent fish to fry before that happens.

The Mets and Yankees have had a lot of cross-over throughout the years with players that have played for both teams, but there hasn’t been a serious instance where one swipes a player from the other team, which would have definitely been the case for Cano. It’s rather ironic, because Daniel Murphy is set to become a free agent, and the Yankees have a hole at second base currently occupied by the not-so-exciting Stephen Drew. Murphy could be an ideal fit, especially in the Bronx bandbox.

These next few days are going to be fun, and nerve-wracking. Welcome to serious September baseball Mets fans.

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