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How to Bet on Baseball: 9 Easy Tips for 2022    


Baseball is unlike football in that you only need to guess the winner. Football is mainly a spread sport. There are numerous opportunities to choose from, with almost 2,500 games in the regular season. Here are nine tips to bet on America’s favorite sport in 2022.

1. Don’t Always bet on Favorites

Bookmakers tend to shade lines toward the favorite, compelling their customers to choose inflated and overpriced lines. This is especially the case for major teams like the Cubs and Yankees.

This isn’t to say you should never bet on a big favorite, but doing it every time will burn your funds.

2. Starting Pitcher

The starting pitcher has the most significant impact on a game and its outcome. Knowing the difference between an action pitcher and a listed pitcher is critical.

“Listed pitcher” means that if the pitcher scheduled doesn’t start, your bet will be void. Action means you’ll be locked into your wager at a changed price if the pitcher gets scratched. The new line will determine the new price.

It’s best to opt for the listed pitcher when you must choose. That way, you won’t end up losing your time if a starting pitcher is scratched.

3. Apps Help You

Sports betting apps have many advantages, such as variety, improved odds, convenience, lots of payment options, free streaming, and more. Line shopping lets you choose the best odds. You would find many more ways to fund your account online than what a land-based bookmaker could offer.

The best NY sports betting apps let users enjoy generous sign-up promotions now that mobile bets are accepted in the state. Caesars, BetRivers, DraftKings, and FanDuel’s apps all went live on January 8 this year. BetMGM launched on January 17, and PointsBet went live about a week later.

4. Don’t Bet on Underdogs Blindly

While this approach will always fail, there is a big difference depending on who the underdog is playing against. More specifically, underdogs have an advantage against a divisional opponent because teams within the same division face off against each other very often and know each other well. This tends to level the playing field.

5. Track RLM

To be on the sharp side of the game, track the RLM (reverse line movement). This is where the betting percentages and the betting line move in opposite directions.

6. Go Against the Grain

You can benefit from public bias by focusing on the least balanced and most heavily bet games of the day. Pundits who bet against the public take advantage of artificially inflated numbers and align themselves with the house, which always wins.

7. Bet on the Loser

This may seem paradoxical, so here’s the explanation. Let’s say a weak team surprisingly wins a game. Logic will tell you to bet they’ll lose the next game because their recent victory was purely coincidental.

However, undervalued teams can make for a very lucrative bet. Statistics show that someone who consistently wagered $100 on such teams over the past 15 years would have won almost 16 times that amount ($16,000).

8. Check the Wind Speed

The wind is a crucial factor to consider because its impact on the result is often massive. Underdogs benefit if the wind blows in because home runs on the first row translate into warning track outs. Wrigley Field is the best location for such bets, according to statistics.

9. Don’t Overlook the Umpire

Bettors tend to overlook the home plate umpire, which is a mistake. Some want to win the favor of the home team’s fans, which benefits that team. Others favor the away team to appear neutral.

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