By: Michael Ganci

Introducing Flippin the Mike Mets Podcast


What do you get when you throw two neurotic Mets’ fans James Flippin and Michael Ganci on a podcast? It’s called “Flippin the Mike,” a new weekly show where we discuss all things related to the orange and blue.

They may drive us nuts, and they may make us break things and become sleep deprived, but we love them to death and will stick with them through thick and thin.

This week, we talk Angel Hernandez being on a power trip by tossing Asdrubal Cabrera from a spring game, the Mets’ pitching situation, Jeurys Familia, and much more. With two personalities like this, you won’t want to miss it. Check out the brand new podcast, and email us at [email protected] with any ideas, critiques or just to say hello. Enjoy!

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About Michael Ganci

Michael Ganci is the Co-Founder of the Daily Stache, along with Matthew Falkenbury. Since 2008, Ganci has eat, drank and dreamt all things Mets, and he'd have it no other way. Feel free to follow him on Twitter at @DailyStache.

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