By: Marc A. Kaplan

Is Six-Man Rotation the Permanent Solution?


Following Noah Syndergaard’s third major league start, Terry Collins announced that the pitcher wouldn’t be going anywhere. Even with Dillon Gee slated to return from the disabled list any day now. Collins’ comments infer that the Mets will be moving forward with a six-man rotation.

Through his first three starts, Syndergaard has a 1-2 record with a 3.63 ERA, but his pitching has actually been much better than the stats indicate. He’ll remain a part of the rotation, which will now include Gee, Bartolo Colon, Jon Niese, Jacob deGrom, and Matt Harvey as well. While the potential six-man unit is certainly filled with talent, it does take away starts from Harvey and deGrom, who should be out there every fifth day. It’s also been noted that Harvey is not keen on the idea of an expanded rotation. Drawing the ire of your star player is never a smart move from a managerial and front office perspective.

The expanded rotation would allow for veterans, Gee, Niese, and Colon, to get extra rest, while also improving their trade value. It would also make the transition to a five-man rotation, after an injury or trade, that much easier. While Harvey may be upset with starting every sixth day, it does preserve his arm, as well as deGrom and Syndergaard’s.

Is keeping Gee in the rotation worth having fewer Harvey Days? Is this a good opportunity to limit the innings of the young starters? What do you think?

What should the Mets do with their wealth of pitching?

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