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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Terry Collins



The seminal Mike Francesa rant from 2012 resonates in my head often these days. I hear it in my head every time I see the Mets offense come up short, every time I see the Mets infield defense make an error or a weak throw.


Tuesday night, it was echoing in my head all night. It was a new low for these Mets. No-hit. BY A ROOKIE! A 27-year-old rookie!

There’s such an aura of ineptitude these days, that it feels like the game is over if the opposition scores any runs at all. It’s time the Mets do something drastic. The time has finally come, to fire Terry Collins. In fact, now is the perfect time. Before you say, “It’s not his fault,” “he has been dealt a bad hand,” “but they’re in first place,” etc, let’s look at it this way.

How is it that the St. Louis Cardinals lose player after player, and continue to win. No one makes excuses. No one gives up. It’s the exact opposite of what it feels like this Met team does. They were embarrassed Tuesday night and no one looked like they came into the batters box with any intent to even challenge the rookie Giants pitcher. The lack of passion and the lack of the will to win come from the top down.

Terry Collins can’t seem to keep his players motivated through tough times. He plays favorites, and his players really don’t care for him. That’s what it looks like on the field, and it’s evident in his past. His Houston teams gave up on him in the mid 90s while his players actually petitioned for him to be fired in LA in the late 90s.

Something has to be done to shake this squad up, and it shouldn’t have to wait until they fall under .500 and out of the playoff picture to be done. The Mets are a good pitching team, and a bad everything else team. Bad hitting, bad bench, bad defense (with apologies to Juan Lagares) and bad management, in the clubhouse and in the dugout.

If the Mets brass can’t do anything about the roster, it’s time they did something about the manager. Sandy Alderson shouldn’t be blameless either, but he’s a discussion for another day. If the Mets are going to live and die by Terry Collins, we should all get our eulogies ready.

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