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Jacob deGrom? Try Matt Harvey & Tim Lincecum


Mets’ rookie pitcher Jacob deGrom is tall and lean, with a head of hair that stands up to any other “show hair” in the league (oddly enough he resembles Jeff Samardzija of the Cubs).

Combine that with a quirky delivery, and it brings to mind a certain other “freak” from the West Coast.

He also brings to mind another Mets pitcher…one who we were all just as excited about last year, and ironically, another one they could never seem to get a “W” for.

Good old Matt Harvey.

Jacob deGrom’s name has long been on the minds and lips of Mets’ fans everywhere as the next big thing to come up from the just-as-much-talked-about farm system. The farm system that I personally am sick to death of hearing about.

It’s time for results, not “one more year” or “we’ve got a lot of great prospects coming up”. So play them! I realize most of the youngsters need time and seasoning in the minors, but the Mets need something different and exciting for fans to actually be interested in.

Although according to the Wilpons and Sandy, everything is our fault anyway.

But I digress…

Jacob is everything Harvey is…exciting to watch, long-rumored to be yet another weapon in our up-and-coming arsenal of young pitching. The one everyone wanted to see sooner rather than later. Well, we got our wish, and he’s here, and sadly he seems to be the latest victim of the Mets’ offense.

Much like Matt Harvey, deGrom puts up quality outing after outing, and the guy is still chasing his first win. Granted, Harvey was able to get a handful of wins when all was said and done, but when you compare it with the number of no-decisions he accumulated, it was definitely something he didn’t deserve.

Now yes, deGrom has seemed shaky at times, and in last night’s game against the Brewers he gave up 3 runs over 5 2/3 innings. But he also manages to get himself out of jams as well as any seasoned veteran, and keeps his cool while doing so.

But yet again, the Mets’ offense can’t come through for one of its young aces, and deGrom has been noted as saying “it’s mentally tough, but it’s part of this game”.

He was also the first Mets pitcher to get a hit this year, breaking an 0-for-something-ridiculous drought at the plate for the Mets’ hurlers.

He was 2 for 2 at the plate and tossed 6 2/3 scoreless innings in his debut, only to have the bullpen, specifically Jose Valverde, throw it all away…literally.

So now, Mets faithful, we sit and wait along with Jacob deGrom, hoping against hope that he gets some much-deserved wins under his belt. Or will he go the way of Harvey and Santana, and continue to turn in brilliant performances, only to be foiled by an inept offense?

Oh well…either way, our very own “freak” will at least continue to look marvelous with his flowing locks and formidable delivery, while he waits along with the rest of us.

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