By: Michael Ganci

Jose Reyes: Making the Most of His Second Chance


When Jose Reyes was arrested last year on allegations of domestic abuse, I thought that was the end for the then-former Mets’ shortstop. Often times, teams around a league decide the risk is not worth the public relations nightmare associated with affiliating yourselves with someone accused of such a heinous crime.

Case in point: Despite the charges being dropped against Reyes, the Colorado Rockies released Jose Reyes after the emergence of rookie sensation Trevor Story, who is now out for the year with an injury. Now they have Daniel Descalso playing everyday. While he’s been good enough, Reyes certainly is still able to provide a spark atop any lineup, and I’m sure the Rockies would rather have him than Descalso.

The Yankees actually took the risk first. Aroldis Chapman allegedly fired a gun while he was in an occupied house, although he allegedly wasn’t in the same room as his girlfriend, and the Yankees gave him a chance. Both Chapman and Reyes served suspensions, and Chapman pitched so well that the non-contending Yankees dealt him at the deadline for a monster prospect haul from the Cubs.

One could say they were rewarded for taking a public relations risk.

The Mets have been ravaged by injuries. From David Wright to Lucas Duda to Matt Harvey and Steven Matz, the Mets have been limping through the 2016 season, somehow staying in the playoff picture despite a rash of injuries running through the locker room. There was a need for a middle infielder, and the price was right, so Jose Reyes was given a second chance.

Thus far, he’s certainly delivered.

In 33 games with the Mets (140 at-bats), Reyes is hitting .300 with a .344 OBP. He’s hit 4 homers with 13 RBI and has scored 25 runs. He also leads the Mets with six stolen bases.

The bottom line? To this point, it’s been a plus move. And, he’ll likely be back next season because the Mets have an option on his contract at the league minimum. Jose won’t struggle to pay his bills however, as he’ll still get all of the money owed to him by the Colorado Rockies.

I in no way condone was Reyes was accused of doing, but I do believe in second chances. Jose Reyes had a storied career as a Met once before, and he never truly fit in in Florida (they weren’t Miami yet), Toronto or Colorado. After a tour around baseball, it seems like Jose Reyes has found his way home.

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