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Josh Lewin on Matt Harvey: No Reason He Can’t be 10-15 Game Winner Again


Josh Lewin is a talented play-by-play man that works on the radio doing Mets games for WOR710 alongside Howie Rose. Recently, Josh took some time to talk with us about the Mets and their plans moving forward. Here’s a look.

There a lot of question marks going into the offseason for the Mets. Who do you think had a down year (other than those injured) that needs to step up next season and why?

The easy answer is the artist formerly known as the Dark Knight…but he wasn’t the only one who underperformed last year. Bounce backs are likely for a lot of the guys, I reckon. That’s good news.

What did you think of the Mickey Callaway hire? Do you think the Mets went in the right direction?

Loved the hire. Reminds me a great deal of Bud Black and it was no surprise to find out how much Bud’s actually been a part of Mickey’s development along the way as a manager, coach and person. Not all former pitching coaches are jackpots as managers (see Ray Miller 30 years ago), but Tommy Lasorda worked out okay. And if Mickey is Bud Black 2.0 the Mets should be very happy they grabbed him before someone else did.

If the Mets could pull the trigger on one trade in the off season, who would you target and why?

I’d love to see Dee Gordon diving around at second base, manning the top of the order, and stealing 60 bases like a mid-2000’s Jose Reyes. C’mon, Derek Jeter, help a brother out!

Who’s a free agent that should be high on the Mets’ wish list? Why should they go after him?

A first baseman who can mash it and pick it; a veteran righty for the bullpen and a veteran starter for the rotation. A Lance Lynn-type. He’d gets bonus points from Callaway you’d think for being an Ole Miss guy too.

What do you expect to get out of Matt Harvey? Is he Mickey Callaway and Dave Eiland’s biggest project?

Better location, less frustration; no reason he can’t be a 10 to 15 game winner again. Eiland is a hands-on guy who is a great choice to replace a guy I happened to like a lot in Dan Warthen.

How do the Mets’ avoid so many injuries? Can we trust the staff, despite the departure of Ray Ramirez?

Not my area of expertise, I’m afraid. All I know is the Mets injury luck can’t get much worse than it’s been.

Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith…what did you think of their limited sample size? Should they be promised everyday jobs in 2018? Why or why not?

Sandy Alderson was right — Rosario’s strike zone is nose to toes, and we just saw in two Game 7’s how important it is to lay off the breaking stuff in the dirt. The natural talent is insane though and I’d love to see him play 150 games at short, but that seems to be up to him. Dom Smith oozes potential too, wouldn’t just award him the job unless he has a huge spring training. I’m a fan of a Smith/Flores platoon if a big time free agent isn’t signed.

If Brandon Nimmo/Juan Lagares start the year in center field, would you be disappointed or could they be a serviceable tandem? Why or why not?

Nimmo isn’t a natural center fielder by any stretch. It was cool to see Conforto exceed expectations defensively there last year, but that doesn’t seem to be something Brandon can replicate. Love Nimmo as a fourth outfielder and pinch hitter though for sure. A healthy Lagares in center is fine by me if he — like Rosario — gets better at pitch recognition. Sandy’s almost through the hourglass on that one…he isn’t 24 anymore. Time to make that “late bloomer” jump at the plate.

Finish this sentence. By the end of 2018, the New York Mets will be…

Wearing jackets in the dugout and bullpen because it’ll be in the upper 40’s sometimes in October 😉

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