By: Michael Ganci

Keith Hernandez: I Want to Call Mets Games Past Age 80


Unless you didn’t know, at the Daily Stache, when Keith Hernandez talks, we listen.

Today, the famous trio of Gary, KEITH and Ron spoke with Newsday about being a broadcast team, their camaraderie and what their hopes are for the future. Keith, of course, did not leave the fans disappointed.

Keith: Well, there’s one problem: I’m the elder statesman here [at age 61]. It’s matter of how long I can live. It’s very much in question how long I’m going to last here. I’m shooting for 80. I’d love to get over 80, but we’ll see.

Oh Keith, we all know you will live forever. For years, Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling have been the most valuable commodity the Mets have had to offer, but that could change this year…a concept that fans have been longing for.

For more of what the trio had to say, click here. Also, a tip of the hat to Mets Police for the story tip. We’ll leave you with something nobody will forget any time soon.

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