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Kevin Pillar suffers multiple nasal fractures


The injured list keeps getting more crowded for the New York Mets, at least we’d assume.

With guys like Noah Syndergaard, Carlos Carrasco, Brandon Nimmo, Jeff McNeil, Luis Guillorme, Michael Conforto, Jacob DeGrom and others awaiting their next course of action, you have to wonder if the Syracuse squad should just charter a plane to Atlanta and join the Mets on their road trip.

The Mets are awaiting the results on Taijuan Walker, who left his start Monday after feeling tightness in his left side, although he didn’t seem too alarmed after the game, saying it’s been an issue that’s bothered him for a little while. I really wish the Mets would be more diligent in nipping these kind of issues in the bud before they become bigger problems. Pitchers should not be going to the mound to start the game if there’s any type of soreness. A lot of times, these guys could overcompensate, which could cause a myriad of other issues.

But back to Pillar. According to Justin Toscano of the Record, “Kevin Pillar suffered multiple nasal fractures. He will meet with a facial specialist in Atlanta to determine next steps.”


The duo of Kevin Pillar and Jonathan Villar have been a pleasant surprise for a team that’s desperately needed any kind of depth at their respective (or any) positions. It’s almost getting to the point where the Mets are going to have to wrap their players in bubble wrap to protect them. It feels like only a matter of time before someone trips carrying groceries or gets hurt playing video games.

We’ll have to see which one happens first.

UPDATE: The team just put out the following release:

FLUSHING, N.Y., May 18, 2021 – The New York Mets have announced the following update regarding outfielder Kevin Pillar. After being hit by a pitch in the top of the seventh inning last night, Pillar suffered multiple nasal fractures. He will be meeting with a facial specialist in Atlanta to determine next steps.

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