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Las Vegas 51s Critical of Mets on Twitter


It seems like a daily occurrence that something Mets-related happens that makes you think, “that’s typical Mets.”

Well today’s edition if courtesy of Mark Townsend of Big League Stew, who reported that the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate, the Las Vegas 51s, posted a tweet that’s critical of the Mets’ lineup. See below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.22.52 PM

Typical Mets, right? Not only are they fielding criticisms from the press, the fan base and others in baseball, they’re criticizing themselves.

Here’s some thoughts from Townsend:

First and foremost, you rarely see anything but positive reinforcement when minor league affiliates tweet about promoted players and the latest happenings with their parent clubs. Granted, this was at least an attempt to promote Nieuwenhuis and his very recent success against the same pitcher the Mets’ struggling offense faced on Wednesday, but the questioning tone likely won’t sit well with Mets higher-ups.

He’s right that the social media coordinator of the Las Vegas 51s probably got a talking to about that. This isnt exactly grounds for relieving someone of their job, but the Mets need to present a united front, although public relations hasn’t always been their strong suit.

Keep on keeping on, Mets. Just another day in paradise.

For more on Townsend’s story, visit Big League Stew by clicking here.

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