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You Mad, Bro? The Diamondbacks Are A Dumpster Fire Edition


From SB Nation’s AZ Snake Pit Blog

  • “As bad as our pitching is at least it hasn’t given up eleven runs to the Marlins… LOL”
  • “don’t tempt fate”
  • “Why not? I mean, I already have…”
  • “We could really use a win. Just saying.”
  • “Three hours of torture Begins: now”
  • “This is going swimmingly.”
  • “If you’re a Mets fan.”
  • “I don’t know what I expected.”
  • “I LOVE THE BP CAPS if we suck today at least we’ll look good doing it”
  • boo_this_man_half_baked
  • “On the bright side Arroyo is being more efficient. He’s giving up runs in fewer pitches.”
  • “Hello darkness my old friend…”
  • “Montero does not seem to be on the same page as Bronson.”
  • “the Mets seem to be though”
  • “^This statement. It makes me sad – very sad.”
  • “I feel sick just thinking about it”
  • “whoooo boy isnt this the Mets “B” team?”
  • “We’re going to need a lot of alcohol…”
  • “time travel back about 3 weeks and start this over?”
  • “MARTY! We have to go back!”
  • SDU2013_Future_1
  • “‘Excellent track record against the Mets’ Yeah, lot of good that is doing him Bert”
  • “What have we become? The Bad News Bears! We should be wearing jerseys featuring CHICO’S BAIL BONDS on the back”
  • “Nah. Chico’s doesn’t want to be associated with our team”
  • “Someone should tell the Mets that they don’t have to score 42 runs to properly honor Jackie Robinson day”
  • “How many millions are we paying the BP pitcher?”
  • “Metrosexual ,definition :- a team who has been sexually intercoursed up the back passage by the Mets”
  • “This is the kind of start That would make me put the paper bag over my head if I was there”
  • “A plastic bag might seem preferable if it gets any worse.”
  • “Is it too soon for Tankapalooza?”
  • “By tankapalooza Do you mean a mass gathering of DBacks fans at a bar, getting tanked, suffering as one?”
  • “My cat is meowing in disgust at the TV”
  • “Jheri curl are these pitchers that have them being ironic like Tulo with his mullet or do they really think that is a good look?”
  • “Bronson Arroyo had a perfect game through one pitch…”
  • “I’m laughing and crying at the same time.”
  • “Welp im done”
  • table
  • “Why….just why us”
  • “This team is mailing this one in.”
  • “I want more sucking 8-0 is never enough”
  • “I was watching a massacre And a baseball game broke out”
  • “Rock Bottom”
  • “Last year I would be very angry about losing to the Mets This year I am not surprised”
  • “Lol I used up my last hope of the season When I thought ‘yay we’re playing the mets, we’ll be able to bounce back for sure'”
  • “Good god, just got home… excited to see Arroyo lead us to a much needed win. DVR…..and 9-0. This team is truly dead”
  • “Well, At least we can look forward to Suns and Coyotes playoff series …..…, oh yeh……”
  • “Diamondbacks are proof it doesn’t get better for everyone.”
  • “How appropriate”
  • That_Sucks_Day_icon
  • “Damn you Gibby, I want to see Prado or Parra pitching!”
  • ” Veronica, tell everyone how this start makes us feel
  • 30li5ic.jpg
  • Thank you Ms. Mars.”

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