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You Mad, Bro? Juan Lagares Does It All


From SB Nation’s “Federal Baseball“: 

  • “Wha….? I just tuned in … what the heck is going on? Sounds like the game is OVER already!?”
  • “I tuned in JUST as Campbell made the hit so it is ALL MY FAULT!”
  • Murphy’s locked in right now”
  • “That sucked”
  • “It never fails to amaze me how unathletic Colon looks. I mean seriously, if you saw that guy in a polo at the grocery store, would you EVER think “that guy’s gotta be a professional athlete”?!”
  • “That was Lagares’ second HR of the season. The other was against Tyler Clippard in Citi Field”
  • “He’s also now 4 for 5 on the year against Gio. And has a “season cycle.” Double and a triple against Gio in New York earlier this year… Single and a HR today”
  • “That Juans in the seats. Sad face”
  • “This doesn’t look good.”
  • “Pathetic”
  • “Can’t help but think Nats should be hitting Colon more.”
  • “Lagares robs him of a homer to straightaway CF. Payback, I guess”
  • “Oh, curses to you, mr. Legares! ROBBED!”
  • “Juan Lagares can eat a bag of Richards”
  • “Heck of a grab. He’s killing us today”
  • “Just not our day. What it’s starting to feel like.”
  • “I want to kick Juan Lagares in the nuts”
  • “The HR annoyed me. I know what he’s like with the glove out there. One of a handful of CF that I would say is better than Span defensively”
  • “Respect his game, for sure. He’s just slaying us today. Part of me tips the cap, another screams and grabs a pitchfork.”
  • “Danny Espinosa: the Final Hope”
  • “Welp.”
  • “of course”
  • I think we should keep this 9 out of 10 thing up with NYM.”
  • “And the star of the game was unquestionably Juan Lagares. Who had the difference in the ballgame on his bat/glove. Hit a two-run bomb and stole a solo shot, not to mention a couple of other rangy plays in CF”

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