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You Mad, Bro? Pirates Fans Like Ik- Duda


From SB Nation’s “Bucs Dugout“:

  • “Hey-ooooo…Walk-Everybody-Day”
  • “Ugh. Will the Pirates EVER play with a lead again?”
  • Throwing a run scoring wild pitch with Bartolo at the plate is ridiculous.”
  • “bunt, make fatass colon field”
  • this is a freaking circus of shit today.”
  • “Might have to turn this off.”
  • “Why does Pedro always pat his glove and look at the ball before he throws?”
  • “It’s the most efficient way to make sure the throw is way over first baseman’s head.”
  • Is it too much to ask for this team to play up to their potential?”
  • “Thank God Pedro gave Wright some throwing tips at the ASG last year”
  • Good to see Pedro still competing for most errors in the league.”
  • “Morton’s breaker looks like 50 Cent’s pitch last night.”
  • “Mets have made a lot of webgems against us really unlucky these last two games”
  • “Swing the damn bat please”
  • “My 13 year old’s team played a much better game last name than these jokers.”
  • “So, the Mets opted to go with this “Doo-Dah” fellow over Ike? Doesn’t seem like a very clean fielder…”
  • I’m bailing on this shit show.”
  • “If this game doesn’t change, We are a Jose Valverde away from being swept by the Mets.”
  • “Fucking fans”
  • “Yeah Bartolo Colon what a great ambassador for the game. Shoot steroids in your ass and walk down to first with the bat in your hand. What a ball player.”
  • “Wow. The Mets let their pitchers stayeout there. Twice an SP hit 120 pitches.”
  • “Duda shows up Ike In this series”
  • “its probably why they kept him it woulda been sweet to have duda, wheres my car, on first instead of ike”
  • “Lucas hits it deep again. Duda. Duda. I’m sure the Mets miss Ike.”
  • “Ok, two Met first basemen come up in the 8th. One, Ike Davis, now plays for the Pirates and grounds into a double play. The other, Lucas Duda, smacks a two run homer. So apparently, the Mets traded the correct guy”
  • I wonder why can’t a Pirate throw strikes, on the corner, up and down etc. It’s an art – obviously a lost one in the Pirate pen.”
  • “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!”

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