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You Mad, Bro? Snake Sweep


From SB Nation’s “AZ Snake Pit” Blog:

  • “Greetings fellow masochists!”
  • “The Road to 90 wins begins today!”
  • “At least we don’t have Ian Kennedy pitching. Or else Ike Davis would hit 100 home runs today”
  • “This season is really making me glad I don’t have cable”
  • “CY is in the Mets dugout today. Seems really weird seeing him in a Mets jersey”
  • “Hey Ike Davis something something ASU something something”
  • “A scorless inning! Anything is possible!”
  • “Murphy with a nice play, But I think he made it looker harder than it should have been”
  • “That is his trademark”
  • “A scoreless Mets first inning. I’ll take it any way I can get it at this point.”
  • “Well. There goes the no-hitter.”
  • “Oh that’s more like what we expect from this team”
  • “That ball was crushed”
  • “:(” 
  • “Anthony Recker. A well known slugger…”
  • “Crap! Losing already? :/”
  • “Not by much. Better than yesterday”
  • “McCarthy’s move is pretty terrible”
  • “McCarthy’s move is pretty terrible”
  • “Getting torn up by Mejia and Gee is not what I wanted to see….”
  • “Ike took off his helmet while running and carried it to third. That was strange”
  • “ASU! ASU!”
  • “I have the recap image already done up….
  • “So my radio broadcast just went from the game to some dude talking about losing weight”
  • “Sounds more interesting…Tell us about his methods.”
  • “Even the pitcher hit it hard….”
  • “So, um, Lets maybe not get shut out by the Mets again? Plz?”
  • “Gee Willikers. Do we even have a hit yet? No? Of course we don’t”
  • “Want to accelerate the exit of KT/ Gibson? Getting no hit by Dillon Gee at home to complete getting swept by the Mets ought to do it.”
  • “Did we ever sacrifice anyone to Satan? Like Clefo suggested a couple weeks ago?”
  • “The Mets guys just jinxed their pitcher”
  • “Another run imminent.”
  • “and not by our team”
  • “Parra you dumb bastard”
  • “Parra gonna Parra”
  • “Why expect anything else from Parra?”
  • “At least we’re finding creative ways to fail”
  • “Are we seriously going to get shutout twice by the Mets? And it isn’t even Matt Harvey. Gee and Mejia…..”
  • “This is just one big pile of poop”
  • “Can Bernie Madoff steal all the Mets runs?”
  • “Guys is this real life?”
  • “Caught in a landslide”
  • “No escape from reality.”
  • “Open your eyes, look up to the sky to seeeeeeee…NO, REALLY YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS!”
  • “ahhhh… that’s the Valverde I remember. Making things interesting”
  • “Sweep complete”
  • “Well that was fun while it lasted”
  • “Pathetic”
  • “If it’s going to be bad, may as well be historical. Do you think the ’62 Mets would mind if we took over as the worst team in history?”

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