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You Mad, Bro? Dodging A Bullet Edition


From SB Nation’s “True Blue LA“:

  • “oh my god that AJ Ellis on IT appearance was just as funny as last, Love his comments on his teammates, including saying Justin Turner is not as famous as he thinks— “greeted by crickets” in NY. Haha.”
  • Near home runs to both sides, foul. Then sit down, Wright”
  • “Don’t know much. Watching game on DTV.! Get a pretty good and smart announcer for a minute—-then this other guy who seems to be “Pontificating”. Not that bad but who knows—who is this second guy?”
  • So Granderson ends up making Grienke and Kemp look like Chumps! I can only hope they end up getting him back.”
  • It’s almost funny to say—-but Puig doesn’t forget! As wierd as it sounds. His resentment at not being able to throw Grander out—will make him need to score that many runs in return.!”
  • “HOLY SHIT YASIEL PUIG. Makes an incredible diving catch to take away at LEAST a double. Two outs.”
  • Greinke looks tired”
  • Yeah something may be wrong. I’m not used to Greinke looking like a scrub—ever.”
  • Uribe makes that play at 3B.”
  • Boy the strikezone is not Dodger friendly right now”
  • I mean Kemp is in a hurting place. But that was a real insult from the umpires for the Dodgers and Mets (I would say the umps have turned around the whole game!”
  • But, I not crying! It’s even now and if the Dodgers are in the right they have to wrench a victory from the Mets!”
  • I fully expected Puig to drop that routine fly ball.”
  • If there is any Turner in the game I don’t want to know. I’m good at being oblivious about bad things—which I thinks anything named turner would be.”
  • When was the last time the Dodgers won the last game of a series?”
  • Defense rears its ugly head again.”
  • “Fucking Turner”
  • I would bannish Turner and win several more games.”
  • “What the FUCK just happened. god damn”
  • Looks like Puig didn’t know the rule/ruling”
  • “wait now what the hell is this”
  • fuck man”
  • “geebus Puiger”
  • This umpire sucks”
  • The Ginger Ninja!”
  • Lol. Justin Turner.”
  • “Last night, Sutcliffe was saying the Mets should trade for Kemp, to get more power in their lineup. Taking that notion seriously for a second, what do the Mets have that we would want? David Wright, but they wouldn’t trade him, both because he’s the face of their franchise and because it would defeat the purpose of the trade. What else?”
  • “nothing”
  • Wheeler for Joc. I’d do that”
  • Man this bullpen is really frustrating”
  • Isn’t our offense supposed to be good?”
  • Why did we sign this fucking clown, thanks perez”
  • Fuck this shit”
  • “fuck this game god”
  • Fuck this guy”
  • “Duda steals 2B”
  • Duda? Isn’t he a giant, lumbering oaf?”
  • Man, the Mets are making the catches the Dodgers couldn’t. Two nice catches in the 9th”
  • “good defense is good”
  • “Lageres is good, not sure about the rest of them”
  • idk if Mejia did a dance or fell off the mound”

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