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The Mets Can’t Win In Their Pinstripe Uniforms


The fantastic people over at not only chronicle the different jersies and logos a team has, but can tell you what is your teams record when wearing a certain uniform.

Apparently, when the Mets wear their pinstripe uniforms this year, they can’t win.

Now uniforms obviously have no bearing on how the team that wears them perform.

Its about the players who are wearing them and as we know the players on the Mets right now aren’t very good.

Also we have to point out that the Mets only wear the pinstripe uniforms at home and we all know how much they stink at home.

So does the pinstripe uniform need to be banned to help turn the team around?


But maybe if the Mets had better players wearing the pinstripe uniforms they would have a better record when they wear them.

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