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The Mets Drive Down Ticket Prices On The Road


The good people at Eye on Baseball wrote a post on Monday that referenced a study done by NerdWallet that show how prices of tickets on the secondary market (Stubhub, TiqIQ and others) are affected either positively or negatively based upon which team is visiting.

The Mets unfortunately are not exactly good business for the ticket brokers and websites based upon the numbers shown below.

Only the Marlins drive down the prices more for a ticket when they are on the road, a whopping 34%, than the Mets which drop prices just under 21%.

Actually the numbers show that people really love watching American League teams instead of National League teams when they visit their favorite team.

The L.A. Dodgers are the only NL team that drives ticket prices up while everyone really wants to see the AL East as the Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles and Blue Jays drive prices up the most.

Apparently watching the NL East is not something people feel like spending money on as all five teams in the NL East are in the bottom seven of this list with the Braves joining the Mets and Marlins in the bottom three.

The other interesting part of the article was a list which compared the prices for games at home compared to games on the road.

The Mets average ticket price at home this season right now is at $88.59 while the average ticket price for Mets games on the road is $68.77.

Based on the numbers I see, it makes perfect sense why The7Line is going on so many road trips this season.

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