By: Felix G. Perez

Mets Get Waiver On Cespedes’ Contract Clause


The New York Mets have received permission from Major League Baseball and the players union to waive the five-day clause in Yoenis Cespedes contract.

Cespedes had a unique clause in his contract which was negotiated by his agent, that allowed the team currently using his services only be allowed five-days after the World Series to re-sign Cespedes before he becomes a free agent.

Now, the Mets will be one of the teams allowed to bid on Cespedes’ services during the upcoming free agency period. Cespedes, who will turn 30, will likely demand a six-seven year/$140M+ contract and could possibly land more. Cespedes will, without a doubt, demand $20M annually.

Personal Thoughts

This can work in huge favor to the Mets, but this could also seriously backfire. If we are using the past to predict how the Mets will approach their next free agency period, then all signs point to the Mets not re-signing Cespedes. That’s the thought that most fans had when he came to the Mets, via trade.

Cespedes would demand a pretty penny and given the Mets current payroll situation, and other pending free agnates (Daniel Murphy & Lucas Duda), then giving Cespedes a huge contract could put the team in a bind.

Of course, this could issue could be resolved if the payroll takes a significant jump, but thats a never ending argument. If the Mets do in fact not re-sign Cespedes, then it doesn’t make any sense to remove that five-day clause. It was a perfect “out” for the team. The team could’ve leaned on the fact that five-days simply wasn’t enough time to feel out the market and find the right number to offer Cespedes.

With the clause removed, the only excuse the Mets could use to explain not re-signing Cespedes, is that they did not have the money to retain his services and the fanbase will explode. But you have to think that the organization had legitimate interest and plans to re-sign Cespedes. If not, then why would the team do this?

The organization should let the rest of the season play out. If Cespedes continues to be the spark for this team and playing lights out and is the anchor to the Mets’ postseason run, then Cespedes could really force the teams hand. But I don’t think there is any question that the organization and fanbase would love to have Cespedes back.

Since the trade to New York, Cespedes is hitting .311 with 13 home runs and 31 RBI’s in 34 games.

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