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The Mets: Not a Major League Caliber Team


I, along with many other Mets’ fans, feel like a broken record. In a year that should be a golden opportunity, we once against have to settle for mediocrity at best. Quite frankly, I am sick of it.

The hot and (mostly) cold season continues, as the Mets’ ineptitude in clutch situations continues. What’s to blame? Not Citifield. How about Sandy Alderson? How about ownership? It’s time the Mets take care of the basics and put a major league caliber team on the field.

The Mets currently have several regulars who would be bench players at best on quality teams, including Chris Young, Ruben Tejada, Lucas Duda and Travis D’Arnaud (demoted). Curtis Granderson and David Wright (despite a decent average) have been underwhelming, and Daniel Murphy continues to play beginners defense in the field with mental cramping around the base paths.

The Mets keep asking us to wait. Is Noah’s arc arriving soon? He’s been hampered with injury recently, so I wouldn’t be surprised if 2014 comes and goes without his arrivel. As far as the prodigal son Matt Harvey, one can’t assume anything with recovery from Tommy John surgery. Zack Wheeler has had an up-and-down first full year. He’s look dominant at some times, and looked like a poor man’s John Maine at others.

Another year continues where the Mets’ most valuable access is their broadcast team.

When you look at this team, what are you truly excited for? For me, the answer is simple. Nothing.

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