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The Mets Must Take Risks to Improve the Team


Recent rumors that the Mets want in on potential talks for Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and outfielder Carlos Gonzalez have created debate amongst the people of #MetsTwitter.

Some, like myself, believe the Mets should make a serious push for one of these two players. Others think the Mets should avoid them because both players would cost a significant amount of talent and also carry risks, the main risk being their injury history.

I can understand the concerns about Gonzalez as he has a poor injury history and his numbers are drastically lower away from Coors Field. But, because of these flaws, he can be had for legitimately less than Tulowitzki and I believe still has terrific upside.

Tulowitzki is the bigger player involved in these rumors and is the one I think the Mets should make the biggest push for. He also has a bad injury history but his numbers do not drop off as much away from Coors Field and has hit pretty well in his career at Citi Field (In 14 games at Citi he’s hit .438/.534/.833/1.368)

He would cost the Mets major prospects such as RHP Noah Syndergaard and position players such as AA OF Brandon Nimmo and Single-A 1B Dominic Smith but Tulowitzki can be a franchise-changing player and is worth the risk.

Tulowitzki can be the Mike Piazza of Sandy Alderson’s tenure and bring excitement back to the Mets fan base that hasn’t been seen in years. Given the Mets great pitching depth within their system, they can afford to take a hit in a possible trade.

Now for the main topic of this article, I believe the Mets have to be bold and take a risk with a trade. Fans seem to not want to trade prospects for any player that is anything less than perfection.

They want a perfect player that only comes around once every ten or so years and do not want the Mets to be bold and make a move that can change the total direction of this team.

If the Mets throughout their history kept all of their prospects and not be bold in making moves to improve the Major League roster we would have never had players like Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez, Mike Piazza or Johan Santana.

You can only build a team entirely with prospects if you do exactly what the Astros have done and just completely tear down the roster.

It is too late for the Mets to do that so they have to dangle some of the young talent that they do have and make a major push for players like Gonzalez and Tulowitzki.

The Mets have a lot of prospects and not all of them are going to be great big league players, that is just the reality of the situation.

So, it is crucial that the Mets trade some of them just like they did in the past when it all worked out and some of our favorite all-time Mets were brought to the orange and blue.

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