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Mets Now Have 2017 Closer in Addison Reed


The New York Mets team could be without their known star Jeurys Familia after an alleged domestic violence problem but should not be nervous as the Addison Reed take another step into a closers role. This was something that was predicted after the remarkable performance during the period. With the MLB Preseason, it will be easy for the people who really needs it to make another new move in the season.

The New York Mets are entering the off-season with many questions. Why? They have forgotten position thus making them to shuffle of Yoenis Cespedes chase that has made the teams to be even closer to 2017 role. With Jeurys Familia probable suspension, from the season beginning as he faces another discipline for the domestic violence case, Amazins may again fall into a huge overpaying trap for not having someone that can easily fill the role when operating in their own ways. In addition, have Mets to challenge in a much closer on the roster according to Addison Reed.

In reality, there are much tempting options during this off-season, which people can take especially when operating in the game from an expensive option. In addition, Met fans do know Sandy Alderson has never been in a situation where they are breaking open the checkbook in another free agency. This would be good news for Mets fans since they need an immediate solution on their own.

In this setup role, Addison Reed was superb last season in New York’s during the playoffs. When they made their roles, it was something that a record of 40 holds with 1.97 ERA in the 80 regular season appearances in just 2016. This performance was a proof that Reed is growing in their games as among the best relievers while moving in the right direction.

The many benefits of making Reed this closer. You will definitely have a perfect role especially when dealing with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Chicago White Sox after making over 106 career saves. The performance has always been remarkable in the history of the game when compared to other players.

If Reed did perform well in its closer role, the Mets could easily move Familia to the 8th inning role. This was an amazing option especially for the people who waiting for the game. We should remember that general manager wanted to build a team with no high payroll. This was going to give them a lot of alternatives when playing in their own games options.

Putting Reed in a much closer position would give Alderson the capability of finding more affordable relievers, which could be another setup man. The available options include Joe Blanton, Joaquin Benoit, Brad Ziegler, or Greg Holland; all cheaper alternatives as opposed to paying for another top flight closer. This move would help the team to move many steps especially when looking for options to do well during the season.

As these teams have building a robust bullpen that would be imperative to their success in the month of October, they have a wide range of options for the Mets in the 9th inning, which would make them among the top for 2017 as Addison Reed did in the season.

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