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My Solution to the Mets 1B Dilemma


One of the Mets biggest issues going into the off-season and right now as Spring Training is about a month away, is what to do at first base.

They’ve tried all winter to trade former first-round pick Ike Davis and platoon Lucas Duda with Josh Satin. It is now looking more and more like they will go into camp with both Davis and Duda.

The only solution I see here is to have Davis and Duda battle in camp for the left-handed side of the platoon,loser goes to AAA.

Both players have options left so that the Mets wont lose them on waivers, which is great. If they do go this route, they each can get everyday playing time without looking over their shoulder.

The other added bonus is that If one falters at the MLB level, which has happened in 2012 for Duda and 2013 for Davis, the team can just call back up the one who lost the job in Spring Training and give them a shot in the majors.

I used to be pro-Duda but Ike Davis’ second half of 2013 is intriguing . He hit .286/.449/.505 with 4 HRS and 18 RBIs. His approach was a little bit better at the plate in terms of laying off the breaking ball and his OBP was much better than it has ever been in his career.

We will just have to see what will happens during Spring Training and hope that one of them takes the bull by the horns and wins the job outright and fills a hole for the team.

And who knows, if Davis lives up to the potential he has shown before and most people believe he still has, maybe not being able to trade him during the winter will be a blessing in disguise.

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