By: Michael Ganci

With Nationals Phenom on Approach, Time for Matt Harvey to Step Up


It’s hard to keep a positive attitude about the Mets due to recent developments. Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz have bone spurs, Jacob deGrom hasn’t won a game in months (not his fault) and Matt Harvey has looked like a shell of his former self, possibly showing some of the effects of a large pitching load last season following Tommy John Surgery.

Harvey was the darling of Queens prior to all the hoopla last season about innings limits, and then the opinion of him started to sway a bit. Scott Boras had plenty to do with it, but the Dark Knight didn’t handle adversity well as the Mets were in the middle of a pennant race.

Fast forward several months and a World Series trip later, and the Mets are at a crucial juncture. Is their season on the line? No, I wouldn’t say that, but they have to stay close to the Nationals as the all-star break approaches. Last night started out promising with a 4-0 lead and Noah Syndergaard on the mound. But Thor was far from a superhero as the Nationals pounded him and the Mets’ bullpen in an 11-4 rout. Today, Harvey, formerly known as the Mets’ stopper faces off against the consensus number one prospect in baseball, Lucas Giolito.

Giolito is similar to Harvey in some respects. He features an upper 90s fastball and a sometimes-devastating curve. Control has been a little bit of an issue, but he has the makings to be a top-of-the-rotation star for years to come. Is his shining moment tonight? Of course we hope not, because Matt Harvey should make it his mission to make sure Mets’ fans are talking about his statement outing, not some kid who’s just bursting onto the scene.

Teach the kid respect Matt, and show him that his time may be coming, but it’s not here.

Strangely, I have faith in Harvey tonight. I think he’s pissed off, and he knows that his character and ability has been questioned. Do I think he’ll ultimately be fine in the long run? No doubt, but he’s fighting through struggles for possibly the first time as a baseball player (since his surgery). Any new experience could be difficult to adjust to.

I have no interest in watching Matt Harvey tonight. We need to see the Dark Knight. It’s time to return, because whether he’s ready or not, the signal is in the sky. Gotham needs him.

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