My Life as a Dutch Mets Fan


My life as a Dutch Mets fan:

I thought you all might be curious how a Dutch person can be a Mets fan. I will start by telling how I became a fan:

My uncle used to live in Stamford, Conneticut and me and my family went to a Mets game in 2006. I never saw a baseball game before that and I fell in love with the game since the moment I visited Shea. The Mets lost that game but gained a Dutch fan for live.

Since that moment I started to follow the Mets via internet. I was learning from other fans on chats and met another Dutch fan Frans! Frans said that he watched the games via MLB.TV and convinced me that I should take a MLB.TV Pakage! I did and since then I watched games and learned a lot more about the Mets and the sport. I watch almost every game live or on demand! Sometimes Frans and I watch games together but unfortuanally he lives around two hours away so we are not able to watch together a lot.

In 2010 I went to five games to see Citi Field for the first time! It was a great 3 weeks in NY for me and saw some memorable games. I saw Johan Santana and R.A. Dickey pitch back to back complete game shutouts. At the Santana game I met Frans in person for the first time.

In 2014 I met another great friend on Facebook Andrew. After a while we decited to make a Mets fan page on facebook and became great friends. In 2015 I went to 6 games in May. I went with my girlfriend Janiek. We saw the 10 run inning, Syndergaard his first MLB win and we went to Mermorial day with Andrew. Since that game we send eachother Mets stuff and we will meet again in 2016. For example he got me some postseason stuf!

How it is to live in Holland as a Mets fan:

There are not many people who even know someting about the sport baseball. So I tell a lot of friend and co workers about my love for the game. Some people follow the Mets a bit on the news now witch is great to see. Many never heard of the Mets and now when they see it they think off me.

At this point I work a lot of nights. That means that I can follow and watch Mets games while I’m at work (depends on how busy the nigth is). If I work a lot during the day or I have some days off I watch it on demand. On MLB.TV you can hide the scores and when I wake up I watch my Metsies play.

Some times I irritate my family when I get excited and talk about the Mets a lot. Luckily Janiek is a fan now and I met Frans and another dutch Mets fan who I met via the Dutch ebay called Marktplaats. His name is Andre. I talk a lot of Mets with both and cosider them my Dutch Mets friends.

In October this year I was awake almost every night to work and to watch the Mets playoffs on nights off. I lived at night and slept during the day.

One final funny story:

As a fan in Holland a lot of people don’t know a lot about baseball or the Mets. One time I walked in the city of Assen where I live and got in a conversation about my cap. Someone said to me that I had a fake Yankees cap on. I laughed and walked away. Even here in Holland the Yankees irritate me with all the people who wear Yankees caps and do not know a thing about baseball.

Hope you all like this story about me being a Dutch Mets Fan! At this page my main contributions will be prospect reports! If you have any questions feel free to ask them!

About Corné Hogeveen

I'm Corné Hogeveen a dutch Mets fan! I'm a fan since 2006 and my main contributions to this site will be prospect profiles. You can follow me on twitter @CorneHogeveen.

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