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Nik Wallenda of #SkyWalk Could Walk Across Citi Field Next


As some of you might have noticed, on Sunday evening Nik Wallenda walked on a wire across the Grand Canyon on the Discovery Channel with no net.

The event, known as #SkyWalk, had Twitter captivated as people were wondering if he would fall and how many times he would mention Jesus.

Well now that he has safely made it across, the question is now what will he do next? Well as you see from the tweet below, Citi Field could be next!

Now as some people have pointed out, this could be a good thing and a bad thing.

The good thing is that based on the number of empty seats at every Mets Game, the odds of falling on someone is pretty low.

The bad thing would be that he would somehow find a way to fall on Matt Harvey and end his brilliant career. That would be as Mets as it gets.

So will Nik Wallenda try to shock the world and walk across Citi Field? Only time will tell and if anything it could be the next best thing the park will have hosted besides the All-Star Game because God knows the playoffs aren’t coming anytime soon…

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