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Nine Innings with David Brody


David Brody is the executive producer of the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran and The Morning Show (heard on Z100 in New York ) as well as being a lifelong Mets fan from Brooklyn.

As a song parody writer for the Morning Show, Brody was able to write songs about the Mets and for the Mets when they have been good. In 2000 he wrote “Who Let The Mets Out? “ and had the Baha Men record it. It was played during the World Series.

In 2006, he took Lucas Prata’s hit song “And She Said…” and made it “And We Say …Let’s Go Mets” The single was sold at Shea, and in 2007 he took Kat Deluna’s song Whine Up and had her record his Mets version “Rise Up Mets” Both songs were played at Shea Stadium. The Mets even made a video for the Prata song.

Brody can also be heard occasional on the Mets’ home radio network WOR 710 am talking about the Mets and playing some of his latest Mets songs.

Here’s our chat with him:

Have you ever seen anything like this pitching staff? Despite the lack of big thumpers, can the Mets sustain last year’s pace?

Certainly the early 70’s Orioles come to mind and the 90’s Braves but this young, this good all at the same time, not 4-5. I believe they still need a big bat. Losing 3-2 is not fun. Putting undue pressure on these pitchers makes no sense.

With all of their offseason moves, do you consider the Mets to be the NL East favorite? Does Daniel Murphy put the Nationals over the top?

If anything Murphy will help the Mets more as a National. Maybe if he plays some 3rd base for them but at 2nd, we already know he’s the Wilmer Flores at SS of Second Basemen

Eventually the Mets will need to give these pitchers the paydays they deserve. Who’s the most likely to be a lifetime Met? Who’s the most likely to be traded one day?

Thor will stay. He has already asked to be a Met for life! Hopefully he stays healthy Matz would probably want to stay as well as a local guy who grew up a Mets fan.

David Wright has chronic issues, but the Mets need to find ways to keep him fresh. Does that make Wilmer Flores extra valuable? Do you think David can last a full season?

I think it makes all three of their shortstops valuable as Tejada and Flores can both play 3rd and Cabrera playing well gives them that chance. As for David, I think if he plays 120 games it will be a great year for him He’s had a lot of damage to his body of the years and he plays hard regardless.

Defense was a big issue for the Mets in the World Series, and they arguably haven’t improved a ton, other than Neil Walker replacing Daniel Murphy. What do you make of their defense?

The Mets got better at 2nd, maybe a little better at SS. Everyone else is the same.

Mike Piazza was finally elected to the Hall of Fame? Do you agree with his inclusion? What took so long?

Yes of course. Silly question. Back acne. Ridiculous.

When I use the term “Met Killer,” who’s the first guy you think of? Why?

Daniel Murphy. ‘Nuff said.

What do you think of the Mets re-signing Cespedes? Did the fan base force management into action?

Like most Mets fans, I am ecstatic! They needed a power hitter who would improve the whole lineup and provide those can’t miss moments. More than the fan base, Cespedes and his team leaking that he wanted to stay a Met, forced their hand. They HAD to bring him back at that point.

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