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Notable Egg Heads from Mets’ History


As we prepare to enjoy Easter Sunday with our families, as well as baseball’s opening day, it got me thinking about who I would consider some of the biggest egg heads in Mets’ history.

Here’s a quick rapid fire.

  1. Bobby Bonilla- Funny story is that, when I was a kid, my dad took me to the baseball hall of fame. I wasn’t interested in the history. All I wanted was to look at Bobby Bonilla baseball cards. The Mets are still paying for his time in New York…literally.
  2. Roberto Alomar- He was a disappointment as a player, and he had the attitude to match. I remember buying my dad a jersey tee because we were so excited to get him. That experiment didn’t exactly work out.
  3. Mo Vaughn- He hit one of the furthest balls I ever saw in the first interleague game at Shea, but he became injury prone and wasn’t worth the money after the Mets acquired him for Kevin Appier.
  4. Aaron Heilman- You could tell the talent was there, but he never seemed to put it together. Oh, and he threw the pitch that launched the Mets out of the playoffs and helped the Cardinals win the World Series.
  5. Kenny Rogers- Threw the one pitch that made me run up the stairs crying when I was a kid. Unforgivable walk with the bases loaded.
  6. Kaz Matsui- Not to be confused with Hideki, Kaz was a hall-of-famer on opening day, but he was nothing more than a glorified utility player for the other 161 days. Paul Rudd wouldn’t be so excited to draft this Matsui.
  7. Jason Bay- Underachiever galore. I preferred Bay to Matt Holliday when they were free agents, but the Red Sox has a good reason to let him go. He gave the Mets nothing in his time here, and with our luck, he’ll likely have a resurgence in Seattle.
  8. Luis Castillo- The pop-up that A-Rod hit really is a microcosm for his time in New York. Castillo was alright at times, and he was good when the Mets first acquired him, but he faded quickly and became dead weight.
  9. Oliver Perez- Tons of talent but a big hole between the ears. Perez was a good pitcher briefly for the Mets, which was enough to get a new contract. But we waited and waited for him to turn a corner, which he never did.

I will stop at nine, because I want to hear what others think. Which players would you put in the egg head category? Tell us in the comments section below.

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