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Oh No: The Petitioners are at it Again


Right now, I am flat out annoyed. The Rangers lost, the Mets blew a lead, and after taking my dog for a walk, I decided to check my emails right before bed.

What’s waiting for me? Another freaking letter, this time addressed from Curtis Granderson.

Here’s the content:

Friends — 

Thanks for being a Mets fan! Former and current players appreciate your support. 

That’s why we’re going to give one of our fans who signed the Open Letter a unique Mets experience prior to the first Subway Series game at Citi Field onWednesday, May 14th. The winning fan will have the opportunity to meet me and some of my teammates prior to the game. We’ll also provide a pair of tickets to the game. 

All you have to do is join the thousands of fans who have already added their name. Will you add yours?

Let’s make this happen! Hopefully we’ll get to meet up as well! Let’s Go Mets!

Curtis Granderson

Wow. You would think the Mets would have learned their lesson by all the public ridicule that’s followed them since the initial letter and the follow-up from John Franco. Now we have a current Met, so that must mean a future Met will follow. Will be next letter be from Noah Syndergaard or Rafael Montero?

Please, Mets. Make it stop. We’ve had enough of the madness. I repeat. We’ve had enough of the madness.

Want to see true New Yorkers? Try putting together a bullpen with major league talent. That’s a good first step.

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